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"Hi! I'm Be Be "


Just WHO is Be Be?

Be Be is a woman on a mission.
She's trying to "out-give" the universe.
She's proving that it can't be done.

"A fellow was at the checkout stand one day
buying some fabric for his mother," she relates,
"The stuff came to Fifty-one dollars and nine cents."
Digging into all available pockets he came up with exactly 50 dollars
whereupon he asked that he go to his car for the rest.

"Since he was the only other one in line (in fact of the whole store)
I didn't mind if he went to check.
While he was gone I struck up a conversation with the clerk
and mentioned to him that if the fellow came back without the balance
that I would offer to cover the rest.
$1.09 I had."

Sure enough he came back in to excuse himself...
saying that he would return later with the rest,
"I told him that I would pitch it in for him on the condition...
'that you pass it along to another when you see the opportunity...
and be an angel for that someone else.
He smiled gratefully and said thanks
as I handed the clerk the balance for him.

Its kinda like that movie Pay it Forward
except that in this case you do so just because you want to,
not because you are in some kind of debt.

This type of thing happens periodically
as Be lives each day as fully as possible and relates...

"I believe its called Angel Energy!
When you show up as an Angel
for someone who needs one...
Angels show up for you!"

(Talenom of Be Be's name)
Click for the story behind Be Be's name!


Second oldest of ten children
she spent the first 11 school years
in the Catholic educational system
then graduated from a public school;
"Just so I could see how the other half of the world lived.
It was simply amazing
what public school students got away with!
No discipline at all!

When she was younger she recalls her mother-- "would take my older brother and I
to the local library and drop us off for story time
while she went shopping.
I considered it so very fascinating
that the story teller could take us
off to fabulous times,
with marvelous people
in faraway lands,
Aladdin and his lamp,
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,
Sinbad the Sailor,
Peter Pan and Pinocchio,
Snow White
and all the other Brothers Grimm Fairy tales."

"My how I loved storytelling," she exclaims!


"I had a dream when I was quite young
that I wanted to get a penny
from everyone in the United States all at once....
and give them something in return...
what would it be?

And she continues,"at 13 years old
I realized that you could tell a story with a song
and that songwriters got 3 1/2 cents
for each song on an album
even when they didn't sing the song themselves...
well... I thought I wanted to become a song writer.

Its funny that I got a book published first!"


Born in Maryland, Colorado is her home.
"It's so bi-coastal."



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