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(2nd Edition jacket art) Out-Of-Print
The art you see below are desinged by Julz and destined for the calendar.

Be Affirmative

Establish your ideas with confidence

and edify belief in the goodness you look forward to.

Assert your worthiness.

Be Colorful

Flavor life with the spices of your personality.

Be rich in your imagination.

Display the rainbow-like spectrum

of your personal attributes.

Be Persevering

Persist in what you choose to undertake.

Maintain a sense of purpose and sustain your dreams;

they are the guiding light to your future.

Be Special

Let yourself be distinct.

Let yourself stand apart from others.

The price of blending in is higher than being unique.

Be Incomparable

Refrain from contrasting yourself with others.

The measure of all things is relative.

Possess your own set of standards.

Be Genuine

Proceed as from the original stock,

the original thought.

Free yourself from pretense and deceit.

Embrace the authentic in you.

Be Believing

Have confidence in the truth within you.

And as you shine the light of your faith and intelligence,
the truth will indeed set you free.

Be Beautiful

That which is beautiful has excellence of form, color, and presence.

Beauty includes the noble and spiritual qualities of being you to the fullest.

Be You...

To The Fullest!

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By Be Be


The above artwork is provided by Julz


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