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While holding the book closed in your hands...
close your eyes...
and think of an event, a relationship or situation
in which you are in need of some help.
Then say...
"Which attitude should I adopt regarding this situation?"
Then with your eyes still closed...
picture a four-square quadrant in front of you.
Then imagine which square
is brighter, more colorful or different from the others.
Is it the upper left? ...
the upper right? ...
the lower left?
or, the lower right?

Then open the book to anywhere
and see what it says in that quadrant.
Then see in your minds eye
what might the outcome be
were you to apply that attitude
to that particular situation, relationship or event.

If you need... do it again...
and see what else might work...
the whole point is to know
that you always have options...
there is always a way
to turn a problem into a project
or a defeat into a victory.

Learn to become disappointment tolerant!


regarding the poster...
having the poster mounted to the wall...
hold your situation in mind
and put your index finger on the poster
and then move it around until you feel like stopping.
Then open your eyes
and see where your finger lands...
which attitude is under your finger.


The whole point of these exercises
is to stimulate your thinking
and spark your imagination...
to edify your belief
and strengthen your faith...
to prolong your endurance in patience
and bolster your ability to have tolerance
with your life partners and psychodramas.


Good luck and may good fortune be yours always.

Ms Be Be

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