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January 18, 1988

To whom it may concern;

I'm writing in reference to a poster you used to (and hopefully still) publish.
Its called The Be Attitudes and was carried through the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, Colorado.

My mother is an English teacher in Mexico City and I'm writing on her behalf.
She would greatly appreciate if you have two more.
I'm going to visit her soon and hope to take them with me.

Thank you

S. Haseltine
Englewood, Colorado

February 1988

Dear Be Be -

The posters are great - already framed.

J. O'Brien

Garland, Texas

December 27, 1989

To whom it may concern;

Could you please send me some information
on how to obtain your Be Attitudes?


R. Gallagher
Educational Consultant
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 31, 1990

Dear Be Be

Thanks for the Great poster.

God Bless!

P. Mazy

Greensboro, North Carolina

July 1, 1991

Dear Ms Be;

Thank you very much for returning my call. I am looking forward to receiving the posters.
Please find enclosed check to cover poster, postage and phone call.

I'm looking forward to sharing the "Be" posters with the staff in our region.


M. A. Strein
DRURY INN Colorado Spring, Colorado


August 13, 1991

Dear BeBe -

I am so glad the Be Attitudes poster are available.
They're GREAT! I'd like to order 5 of them.

N. Krivo

Farmington, New Mexico

August 13, 1991

To Whom it may concern;

At an ashram in PA last weekend, I noticed a poster which had your co. name across the bottom.
Where can I get said "Be Attitudes" poster in the Philadelphia area.
If you have one I can buy, please let me know the details.
I'd love to have one. Thanks.

(I'm a drug/alcohol counselor)

F. Vogt

Cherry Hills, New Jersey

October 20, 1991

To whom it may concern;

My mother is an English teacher who now lives and teaches in Warsaw, Poland.
She would like additional copies of the poster The Be Attitudes for her students.


S. Haseltine

May 14, 1992

To Whom it may concern;

As buyer for the Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver Colorado,
I am interested in books and supporting materials that customers are interested in.
Also, I am conscious of price, discounts, marketing and quality of the book or product.

Be Be's poster, The "Be" Attitudes rates high on all counts.
Customers have remarked at how attractive the poster is and, also the affordable price.
The display poster with its frame and supporting brackets that hold the posters right underneath it
has been paramount to the posters succcess. To date, the poster has done extremely well, exceeding my expectations.
I am very pleased about the success of this poster, as well as the quality of Be Be's service.
I will continue to buy the poster, and I look forward to her upcoming book.


Joel Fotinos


Editor note: To date (2011) the Tattered Cover still sells the poster,
and at the same affordable price.


February 4, 1993

Dear Ms Be Be

Enclosed is a tape of my program "The Great Awakening" where I read from your book... The Be Attitudes.
Actually it's just from the first part... I'll be doing another program for the last half at a future date. (near future).

Every week from 8-9 am I read from uplifting, fun, loving - inspiring books followed by guided meditation...
all three hours playing grrrreat contemporary instrumental music (acoustic and electronic) .... (New Age Music).

Always - In Peace and Joy,

Andrea White
North Salem, New York

March 3, 1993

To whom it may concern;

I am trying to get some information on a book entitled the Be attitudes.
Could you let me know if there is a quantity discount if I order them directly from you.

D. Talton

Oxford Management
Indianapolis, Indiana

March 24, 1993

Dear Andrea White;

Thank you for your wonderful note and tape of your show with the Be Attitudes.
You are a delight -- wise, sensitive, and intelligent.
Were all radio hosts only like you! Things would certainly BE a lot better!

I appreciate your willingness to share.

Leo Buscaglia, Ph. D.

April 16, 1993

Hello -

I saw your poster The Be Attitudes in Denver.
I am interested in buying some copies. Please tell me how.


L. Atkins

Atlanta, Georgia

June 30, 1993

Dear Be Be;

Thank you for allowing yourself to become a vessel so that the Divine Spirit could use and work through you.
At first , I had hesitated on purchasing the Be Attitudes book, even at a discounted price.
I scanned the pages and purchased the book on intuition.
It was worth it, to also remember that my teachers of different aspect of the Divine Spirit comes through books.
I had begun to revize my life 10 years ago from these sources -
just like from A to Z with the inspiration of being Able - to surrounding myself with people who are Zany.
Also realizing how one approaches a day - affects them throughout that day & into the next.
Therefore, I began taking my negative traits and transformed them into postitive ones.
Then when I read that some of my own revised and new attitudes were listed in your book;
I marvelled at the affirmation of a harmonic, healing energy.

As well as teaching me to descern between positive and negative energy thoughts.
There is a unification and a elevative of those who are seeking a Divine Form of Consciousness.
With much gratitude unto the Holy Spirit who have so much love and compassion
still find us humans worthy enough to be given chances and to be saved.
Especially all that we've done to the creation of ourselves, It's essence, and the world. .

J. Y. McClendon

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

August 11, 1993

Dear Be Be

Your Be Attitudes book is fantastic!

I think it would make a great day calendar
since its recommendations are those which require daily practice.

Good Luck!

D. Pappas

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Editor Note: Perpetual Calendar available soon.

The Daily Attitude email subscription is NOW available at:


September 7, 1993

Dear Be Be

While visiting my sister in Denver, I saw your poster of The Be Attitudes.

I liked the poster very much and would be interested in carrying it in my store here in Nashville.

Would you please send me ordering inormation.

Love and Light

N. Cushman
Magical Journey & the Recovery Store
Nashville, Tennessee

September 17, 1993

Dear Be Be

I loved your book of Be Attitudes!

All the Best

Salem, Oregon

November 12, 1993

Dear Be Be

I would like a poster called "The Be Attitudes".

I also would like to know if you have them and if you all have them, what's the price?
Please honor my request and have a nice day.

Thank you for your time and concern.


C. L. Gills
Metairie, Louisiana

January 2, 1994

Dear Be Be

A dear friend gave me a copy of the Be Attitudes at the beginning of 1993.
This little book has been with me, comforting and inspiring me to BE
all that I can be throughout the year.

Thank you for taking the time to write, compile, organize and publish these attitudes.
They have enriched my life.

May your life be so enriched with love, happiness and prosperity throughout 1994 and always.


L. Whitworth-Reed
Boca Raton, Florida

August 18, 2006

I would like to write something with regard to BeBe's BE ATTITUDES which I recently received.

This an extraordinary piece of well-thoughtout mental programing for success in life.
BeBe has collected perhaps the most complete set of life-enhancing terms and concepts available in the English language.
And she has distilled them down to their essence, so that they are like easily pocketed and refered-to diamonds.

If a person studies these thoughts, and thinks about them regularly when any opportunity appears
to make a choice between a negative opposite thought or a strong, life-affirming thought,
they will find that this is as good as gold in their pocket,
because it will give them the winning edge of the positive approach to any situation.

BeBe's gift to us, is incredibly rich and valuable.
This "tool" holds the potential of raising anyone from dire poverty to billionaire status,
if used as a way of life daily.

Thank you BeBe for lovingly sharing your genius with us in this way.

Robert Burns
NapaValley, CA____________________

August 19, 2006

Thanks so much for the new BE Attitudes. You're a gift.

"When I think about what I can BE not only am I better, my world is better.
Read it - Live it! BE better every day with the BE Attitudes.

W Mitchell, CPAE. Author of, It's Not What Happens To You, It's What You Do About It."


"Helping people stage jail breaks"

PS watch my video clip http://www.WMitchell.com/video.html

W Mitchell, CPAE, author of,
"It's Not What Happens To You, It's What You Do About It"



July 23, 2008

Dear Be Be

Thank you so much for the copy of your book.
Your inspirational words are so meaningful to me as I travel this country daily.
Thank you again for your positive spirit and encouragement.

Sincerely, Michele Obama
(Click to see copy of actual letter)

September 25, 2009


As I lay here at five o’clock in the beautiful morning, the glorious and enchanting moon shines kindly between sheets of grey clouds,
illuminating the world below. My confidence in the good of humanity is once again renewed.

Your book The Be Attitudes, offers a delightful way in chick we can use simple,
otherwise disconnected words to create a wondrous and deliciously infectious, elated reality.
For the past fifteen years I have had the joyful opportunity to facilitate Hatha yoga and the art of meditation to children & adults.
The “be-isms”, eloquently parallel and compliment the mantras so fundamentally necessary to reaching a higher level of emotional intelligence,
compassion & overall positive state of well being. I remain forever intrigued by the power of words;
there are those who use our language to dominate & manipulate others, which consequently reflects directly, back onto them.
Others choose to utilize words to elevate the love of self and others.
What we say, how we say it and when we say it directs / shapes the path of our connectivity or incongruence.
We live in this yin & yang world & through seeking or rather feeling we can create & maintain the necessary balance
to guide and often redirect our thought patterns & subsequent behaviors. These behaviors then lead & create our reality.

I feel very touched & connected to your views of our youth.
As an elementary school teacher with my MA endorsement in “Teaching for Mental Health”,
I continue to strive & encourage our little ones to be compassionate, confident & respectful of themselves & others.
I agree wholeheartedly with your insight that we have the responsibility to extinguish the dangerous & pervasive fire of hate,
negativity, intolerance & violence (both mental & physical forms). Our society is & will continue to feed out youth.

In a world filled with cell phones, blackberries, iPods, computers & other devices that plague our senses,
it’s nice to float aside of the electronic madness. People try so hard to be connected constantly to… that they fail to take the time
to feel & be with themselves or others. Enjoying each moment, experiencing & absorbing the energy of the now –
is shadowed when holding a cell phone & waiting for the next text message while talking face to face with someone
or eating a meal. Individuals such as you shine as sparkling, colorful gemstones in a sea of matted rocks.

You light up the dark generously with your radiant presence & truth.

BeBe, you are a treasure, an inspiration to all.

You are truly Be-autiful!
Thank You for your gift.
Amy B. Arvada Colorado

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